Finding Stability in Uncertain Times

In a time when it feels, “impossible to find the handle”, we’d like to help you “control the things that are under your control”


Could you use a bit more “calm”?

As patient volume returns to normal, keeping everyone safe is a full-time job itself. “Normal” is three times harder than ever

THE LAST THING you need is to spend your nights and weekends catching up on documentation.

It’s vital that you recharge, rejuvenate and take a much-needed deep breath during these times.

Systems 4PT will lower your documentation time by 50%.

Wouldn’t it be great to replace documentation homework with “calm”?


Could you use a bit more “confidence”?

As patient volume increases so do nagging concerns about documentation compliance. Defending eval code severity, defending each CPT code’s impact on the identified functional deficit(s), complying with the 10% de minimis rule: How many of your last 10 evals include the 200 to 500 words of defensive documentation required?

Why not let Sytems 4PT recommend this defensive documentation for you?

It happens touch free, in the blink of an eye


Could you use more cash?

  • Patient Eligibility Technology (that integrates with the payer’s database)
  • HardStop™ validation that blocks staff from submitting claims that don’t comply with payer rules.
  • Collection activity that is driven by artificial intelligence, insuring that every unpiad claim is called, every month.

These are just a few examples of our collection technologies.

We are calmly confident that Systems 4PT will increase your collections 9.5%

Finally, speaking of cash,

Systems 4PT costs 30% less than what you spend for EMR and billing today.

Your EMR promises to help P.T.s achieve greatness. But that can’t happen in an underpaid world of homework and burnout.

Systems4PT’s strategy is to deliver the highest technology at the lowest cost.

Next time you’re able to squeeze in a lunch break, let’s chat. You’ll see how you can better “control the things that are under your control”.

Put yourself on a path of increased control, confidence, and cash

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