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Medicare Compliance

Step into the fast lane with Systems4PT’s Hardstop Medicare Compliance! Say goodbye to endless hours of manual research and “hello” to peace of mind knowing that your practice is always up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Compliance, Take Control & Drive Your Practice Towards Success

Systems4PT is dedicated to helping physical therapists navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of Medicare regulations. With an experienced team of compliance experts, Hardstop provides comprehensive and up-to-date compliance services to ensure that clinics are meeting all necessary requirements and avoiding costly penalties.

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Patient Portal

Systems4PT offers physical therapists the tools for tracking exercise progress, such as the ability to log completed exercises, track pain levels, and set reminders for future appointments. This helps patients to stay on track with their therapy and encourages them to be more involved in their care.

Caring for Patients Requires Time and Patience

Learn how System 4PT’s Patient Portal simplifies the check-in process for patients, automates critical patient information capture, and helps healthcare providers document patient progress through digital outcome measurement tools.

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Patient Relationship

Set your practice apart from the rest with optimized patient engagement. EMR’s that offer Patient Relationship Modules (PRMs) enable practices to market directly to their patients.

Compete for the Attention of Your Patients & Cut Through the Daily Noise

Systems4PT is designed to manage and track the interactions and relationships between physical therapy practices and their patients. This module provides a centralized and comprehensive solution for managing patient information, including demographic data, insurance information, appointment scheduling, and communication history.

Systems4PT allows physical therapists to view and update patient information, schedule appointments, and track patient progress. It also provides a platform for communication with patients, such as secure messaging, appointment reminders, and automated follow-up messages.

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Streamline the scheduling process and eliminate conflicts. Our robust software makes it possible to reduce wait times for patients and maintain delicate schedules with your PTs.

Streamline Patient Management, Improve Communication & Coordination, Enhance Patient Experience

Efficient and accurate scheduling is a crucial part of any physical therapy practice. You need a scheduling platform that gives you robust functionality and HIPAA and Medicare compliance.

Systems 4PT has the tools you need to staff your front desk with confidence.

Our integrated EMR, Billing, and Scheduling platforms feature real time updates, human-error prevention, and fast access to patient information. With patient appointment reminders, automatic check-in processes, and task prompt help manage patient workload, your staff stays ahead of time-sensitive tasks and focuses on engaging patients.

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Management Reporting

Ditch manual data entry and brace for real-time, accurate insights that’ll drive your clinic to the top. With the ability to customize and track the metrics that matter most, you’ll have the power to make informed decisions and rev up your clinic’s performance like never before.

High–Performance Reporting Gives Your Clinic Long Term Boosts… We Have the Data

Systems4PT provides an integrated and centralized view of the clinic’s performance and operations. The integration of management reporting offers real-time and accurate data, making it easier for physical therapists and clinic managers to make informed decisions.

Access to management reporting saves time and reduces manual efforts. We eliminate the need for manual data entry and allow for the automatic generation of reports based on data stored within your EMR. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors, leading to more accurate and reliable data.

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Over the past two decades, we have reinvented physical therapy EMR software. Our approach is unique, like nothing you’ve seen before. Purpose-built documentation made for physical therapists like you, to solve your clinic’s biggest problems.

Smart Documentation, Simplifying Patient Record-Keeping

With Systems4PT physical therapists will save time and streamline their workflow at the click of a button, with Systems4PT’s robust treatment library, pre-built templates, CAD Bar, free type, and automated forms that capture important information about the patient’s condition and treatment plan. This can improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce errors and omissions, and ensure that all necessary information is included in the patient’s medical record.

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Outcomes Tracking

Outcomes tracking empowers therapists with real-time data, enabling them to deliver superior patient care and drive clinic success through informed treatment planning and goal tracking.

Deliver Accurate Care, Custom Tailored for Each Patient

Physical therapists are able to use Systems4PT’s outcome tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment plan, identify areas for improvement, and modify their approach as needed. This information also helps physical therapists set realistic goals for their patients and measure their progress towards those goals. Additionally, outcome tracking can help physical therapists communicate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and specialists, to ensure a coordinated approach to the patient’s care.

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QCDR—MIPS Submission

Systems4PT offers you the opportunity to earn incentives, demonstrate your quality of care, simplify the quality reporting process, and stay compliant with regulatory requirements, all while improving patient outcomes and driving the success and growth of your clinic.

Staying Compliant Never Paid Back So Much… Until Now

QCDR stands for Qualified Clinical Data Registry. It is a type of registry established under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) to support quality reporting for eligible providers and suppliers.

QCDR for physical therapy is a registry that enables physical therapists to collect and report patient data for the purpose of demonstrating the quality of care they provide and improving patient outcomes. By participating in a QCDR program, physical therapists can earn incentives for participating in quality reporting and meeting regulatory requirements for quality performance.

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