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Billing & Collections

Stay focused on the basics by integrating scheduling, EMR, and billing in the same database. Submit clean claims and get paid. Claims that aren’t paid will be discovered by Collections. Following our template will yield a 10% increase in your business!

Single Database Integration

At Systems4PT we provide an all USA based team that gets you paid more, paid faster, that costs less, and we only get paid after you get paid! Systems4PT integrates scheduling, EMR, and billing into one integrated database.

As such, our billing module communicates back and forth with our scheduling module. The benefit is that during patient check in, front desk staff see the coinsurance and deductible balances that have been transferred to the patient.

Clean Claims That Get Paid

The reason why your claims are not fully paid today is that those claims do not comply with the payers’ rules. If your practice submits clean claims, problem solved, you’ll be paid.

Systems4PT’s First-Pass Claim Acceptance Rate is 99.87%

Systems4PT leverages big-data analysis, machine learning, real-time computer-to-human interaction, Medicare HardStop™ safeguards, advancements in database integration and “Treatment Not Billable” lists, which quarantine the dirty claims that other EMR software providers bill out every day.

Artificial Intelligence Drives Collections

Those claims that aren’t paid need to be worked. “Working” claims doesn’t mean pressing the “rebill” button. It means contacting the payer and fighting for the cash. But go take a look at your billing department, no one is on the phone speaking with payers, they’re fixing dirty claims that resulted form human error. The true “problem claims” aren’t being addressed.

With Systems4PT, the biller’s job is to collect money.

Systems4PT is the only billing software that leverages artificial intelligence to drive the collections process.

A simplified explanation: Our technology monitors every claim, from every payer in your region. If any of your claims are not paid in the same timeframe as other practices’, your unpaid claims are assigned to collectors who follow up with the payer.

The Computer Tells The Human Which Claims To Work Next. The “billers” are transformed into “collectors” who spend their time fighting with payers for your cash. Systems4PT, however, is the only billing solution that tracks collection activity.

PT MIPS Reward to offset the 9% cut

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