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Systems4PT was founded in 2002 and was the first fully integrated EMR in outpatient rehab. Today, Systems4PT has thousands of customers and five offices, nationwide.

Good Systems Start With Good Leadership

Systems4PT’s founding management team continues to own and independently manage the company after twenty years of operation. During our tenure as America’s first and leading physical therapy electronic medical records software provider, we have helped clinics flourish in the digital age and ditch paper documentation.

Our insight into the future technologies of independent business ownership and the research we have invested into the needs of physical therapy clinics has assisted countless physical therapists grow into business owners and clinics expand into groups. We let our talented and experienced, United States based staff, use their abilities to develop Systems4PT into the EMR, billing, and collections software provider we are known to be.

Our System overview will demonstrate the technology that has leapfrogged every EMR in outpatient rehabilitation

Systems4PT will enable you to:

  • Document in half the time vs. any other EMR – Prove it to yourself with our hands-on documentation trial
  • Defend your rationale with twice the compliance in half the time
  • Average 9% higher reimbursements
  • Collect money 50% faster compared with any other billing system in outpatient rehab
  • Call our U.S. based technical support 24/7/365
  • Pay 1/3 less than you are spending for EMR and billing today

These are not suggestions. This is what we deliver. This is what you can expect with Systems 4PT.

As it is with HIPAA compliance, our cloud-based technology is the gold standard in outpatient rehabilitation. Systems 4PT has eliminated the significant HIPAA liabilities that plague every web-based PT EMR. Follow our protocols and the practice owner will enjoy a six-figure salary with 10% pretax profit. Our unique approach to documentation, billing, and practice management enable levels of success that you probably thought were no longer possible in outpatient rehabilitation.

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