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Over the past two decades, we have reinvented physical therapy EMR software. Our approach is unique, like nothing you’ve seen before. Purpose-built documentation made for physical therapists like you, to solve your clinic’s biggest problems.

Smart Documentation, Simplifying Patient Record-Keeping

Systems4pt identifies key patient information and captures that data automatically. After intake, your Patient’s demographics, medical history, and billing information as well as details about their condition, functional assessment findings and therapy goals are available in your evaluation documentation.

Systems4PT provides you with a library of industry standard treatment plans templates. Our templates populate clean CPT codes, auto fill with maximum, legitimate charge capture, all satisfying Medicare’s 8-minute rule, and other common payor regulations.  Our custom CAD (Computer Aided Documentation) Bar helps you document in half-the-time compared to other EMR’s.

Enter measurements, objective findings, short-term and long-term goals in seconds with our Rapid-Fire-Entry feature. Our built-in Medicare compliance control systems ensure your Progress reports are completed at least once every ten treatment days (thirty calendar days). Book your demo today to see this all-in action!

Better SOAP Notes for Better Patient Outcomes

SOAP notes are a widely used method of documentation in healthcare, including physical therapy. The acronym stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. Providers record patient information in a standardized format, including the patient’s subjective experiences, objective findings from the physical examination, their professional assessment of the patient’s condition, and the plan for treatment.

Systems4PT’s automated SOAP notes are a valuable component to making your physical therapists successful. Save on time and improve efficiency by automatically generating SOAP notes based on information inputted by the PT. This can reduce the burden of manual documentation, allowing physical therapists to spend more time with patients.

Automated SOAP notes will also improve the accuracy and completeness of patient records. By prompting providers to input specific information in each section of the SOAP note, the Systems4PT ensures that no critical information is missed or overlooked.

Additionally, automated SOAP notes can help providers comply with regulatory requirements and legal standards. The software can automatically generate notes that meet the required format and content, reducing the risk of liability in case of legal action.

Automated SOAP notes can help PTs monitor the patient’s progress over time. By recording and tracking changes in the patient’s symptoms, range of motion, strength, and other objective findings, PTs can assess the effectiveness of treatment plans and make adjustments as needed.

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