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Over the last two decades, Systems4PT has reinvented physical therapy EMR software products. Our approach is unique, unlike anything you have worked with before. Purpose-built documentation made for Physical Therapists like you, to solve your clinic’s biggest problems.

The Fastest & Most Compliant Physical Therapy EMR In Outpatient Rehab

Fully integrated with APTA & Medicare approved Functional Outcome Tests & medical history forms, patients can receive intake and assessment forms before their appointment through a secure link sent to their email or cell phone or complete forms at the appointment using a desktop or mobile device.

Our system data mines the intake results building on average, 1,250 words of defensible documentation that demonstrates medical necessity. The documentation then populates your fully interactive evaluation template.

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Billing & Collections

Selecting billing technology can be notoriously difficult for practice owners because they are not billing experts they are therapists. Manage billing with confidence and FOCUS on your patients.

Clean Claims That Get Paid

Are you tired of waiting for payments to come in? Do you want to get paid more and get paid faster?

Systems 4PT’s Revenue Cycle Management service is here to help. Our service is designed to seamlessly work with our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, streamlining the billing and collection process for outpatient physical therapy clinics.

By integrating our billing and collection service with our EMR system, we can help clinics focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients while reducing administrative tasks. Our team of experts is well-versed in physical therapy billing codes and regulations, ensuring that claims are submitted accurately and in a timely manner. This results in a significant reduction in the likelihood of denials or delays in reimbursement, getting you paid more and faster.

Our EMR system captures patient information and treatment data, creating detailed and accurate billing statements. Our collections experts then use this information to ensure that claims are submitted correctly, in compliance with physical therapy billing rules and regulations. This integration provides real-time visibility into your clinic’s financial performance, allowing you to easily monitor your billing and collections, including claims status, payments received, and outstanding balances.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your current revenue cycle management process. We would love to show you the positive difference you can see with Systems 4PT!

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