Getting Physical Therapists Paid: Billing is the Heart of Systems4PT

From the very beginning when Systems4PT was founded in 2003 our goal was and always will be to maximize the time the therapists spend treating the patient. We here at Systems4PT have always loved and enjoyed the benefits of Physical Therapy. Sadly, we often saw our therapists spending time documenting and fighting with insurance companies to get paid. All that extra administrative work was taking from what patients deserve, having their PTs being hands on. Making PTs lives easier is what drove us to develop a fully encompassing billing/EMR solution and continues to drive us every day.

So, how does a therapist find more time to be hands on with a patient? Let software do all the repetitive work. There are many complex rules that change by payor and by state that create thousands of different combinations of what is required to get paid. Systems4PT has an automated billing process that leverages augmented intelligence to allow you to have your note automatically completed. Then, with ONE CLICK a therapist signs their note and bills their claims effortlessly.

With Systems4PT’s automated billing you only spend 5 to 10 minutes documenting your eval and 3 minutes documenting your daily notes. From there, let Systems4PT get you paid; on average in about 15 days. For every hour you have a patient in your clinic you are spending 55 minutes treating.

We are so confident that we can get you paid we only charge a percentage of what your revenue. We have NO other fees. We bill you a month after you get paid, so you never pay for anything upfront. You only pay Systems4PT after we do our part, and you have your money. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID!

We want you to be stress free and doing what you are most passionate about, improving the health of your communities. We are in this together let us do the dirty work so you can make a bigger difference.

Landon Shaw

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Landon Shaw

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