Documentation Homework is a Problem, We Do Our Best to Reduce It.

Is documentation homework taking the fun away from the amazing impact you are making in your patient’s lives?

Completing patient documentation at home poses significant drawbacks for physical therapists, affecting both the quality of care and their overall workflow. Working outside of the clinical environment strips therapists of the dedicated resources and professional ambiance crucial for effective documentation. The home setting often lacks ergonomic workstations and quiet spaces, leading to distractions and interruptions that impede therapists’ ability to focus on capturing accurate patient information. Moreover, without the immediate access to specialized tools and software available in clinics, therapists may struggle to maintain consistency and detail in their notes, potentially compromising patient care and treatment outcomes.

Are you tired of spending nights and weekends playing catch-up with notes? Systems4PT’s fully integrated EMR and Billing Software has the solution

  • Our EMR data mines the electronic patient check-in portal and recommends 1,250 patient-specific words in the average eval.
  • Systems 4PT provides a library of your frequently used treatment plans, which auto-fill the 20 – 40 rows of treatments and exercises that you type today. You then edit the plan.
  • HardStop™ payor validation that monitors hundreds of payer rules, in real-time as you document. Therapists are notified of any claims that don’t pass the integrated rules.
  • Stress-Free Installation™, documentation gets faster every day as all-new evaluations are documented in Systems 4PT. Stress, and homework, decline every day.

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