How to Reduce Documentation Time for your PT’s

Given modern technology that is available, there is no reason why you should spend so much time on typing patient notes. Its time to reduce documentation time with Systems4PT

Don’t waste time entering in information that the patient has already provided.

  • Our system extracts patient medical history from an electronic check in portal
  • Medical history, patient concerns, medications, outcome test name, goals, date and score are all auto filled in the evaluation touch free.

There is no need to type in a 15-30 row treatment plan.

  • Systems 4PT’s flow sheet library archives your frequently used treatment plans. This gives you instant access to treatment plans that are proven to maximize progression.
  • We also recommend the clinical rationale for each CPT code in your treatment plan. All recommended documentation is fully editable.

Our system auto-fills an average of 1,250 patient-specific words in each evaluation

  • If you type 60 words per minute (that’s pretty fast), this saves you 20 minutes of typing
  • Our system analyzes your clinical judgments and then recommends defensive documentation. Helping to keep you compliant with Medicare in the case of an audit.

Finally, nothing is easier than our Stress-Free installation.

  • Conversion is a gradual, relaxed process. Allowing you to adjust to your new system and easily transition all your patients and data over with ease.

Our goal is to help you spend more time with your patients and take back your evenings and weekends. It’s all about the patient. Let our software solutions help you reduce documentation time and get you back in the treatment room.
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