Lets Reduce Therapist Burnout Together!

With treatment numbers returning to normal across the US it’s time to look at Therapist burnout again.

It seems PT’s and OT’s must work harder every year to make sure documentation is compliant. Of course, this means your documentation takes longer to complete. So, we do our best to reduce the amount of time you spend documenting.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your hands-on treatment time to get your documentation done. If you complete your documentation later, you lose your evenings and weekends. This is not acceptable!

Systems 4PT’s advanced automation is built to get rid of documentation homework. We want you to spend as much time as possible healing your patients (And being with your family on evenings and weekends).

  • Our EMR data mines the electronic patient check-in portal and recommends 1,250 patient-specific words on average. (If you type 60-words per minute, this saves you 20 minutes of typing.)
  • We provide a library of your frequently used treatment plans, which auto fills the 20 – 40 rows of treatments and exercises that you would normally have to type.
  • Most Systems 4PT daily notes are signed before the patient leaves the practice (without sacrificing patient progression).
  • Real-time payor validation monitors hundreds of payer rules, as you document. Therapists are notified of any claims that don’t pass the integrated rules.
  • Documentation gets faster every day as all new evaluations are completed in Systems 4PT. Documentation, stress, and homework, decline every day.

Your patients deserve better

You deserve better

On your next break, take a few minutes to check out our system live!

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