P.E.T. Reduces Claim Denials During the Pandemic​

From day 1 of the COVID 19 crisis, Systems 4PT has been laser focused on our practice’s reimbursements. We understood that our job was to mitigate the risk of plummeting visit counts combined with skyrocketing payment denials.

With telehealth, six requirements must be satisfied for a claim to be paid.  Systems 4PT automates each of them for over 12,000 payers. ​

As many practices recover with nearly full treatment volume, elsewhere treatment volume is declining as COVID spikes flair up in new regions.  For all of our practices: ​

Reimbursements have NEVER been more precious than today​

As such, Systems 4PT is announcing additional technology to further increase reimbursements: 

Patient Eligibility Technology  (PET)​

PET ELIMINATES the #1 cause of denied claims​

Systems4PT delivers 99.87% first-pass claim acceptance.  This stat includes telehealth claims.  Over 75% of the remaining denied claims are caused by one issue:  Registration data that is inconsistent with the payer’s expectations.  


Prior to the evaluation, PET integrates with the payer and compares your registration data to the same fields in the payer’s database.  It’s very simple:

If the data in your registration​

Is the same as the data in the payer’s database​

You’ve got a clean claim​

PET is multi facetted.  If the patient’s coverage is exhausted or if any registration data is incorrect, PET will deliver a “FAIL” message.

Your Staff are alerted that the claim won’t be paid​

Before the evaluation begins​

If registration data is correct, PET details the status of numerous patient benefits for both in and out of network.

Clean claims that get paid.  Up-to-the-second status of patient eligibility.  Now more than ever practices need to maximize reimbursements.  PET eliminates the #1 reason for denied claims.

Systems 4PT provides PET at no additional charge​

Have you noticed the other EMRs who nickel-dime their customers during a pandemic, offering new features (such as telehealth connectivity) for added fees?  Is that a trustworthy partner, or an opportunist?

These are extraordinary times.  Lower claims denials with PET and automated telehealth coding are just two examples of how Systems 4PT is the trustworthy EMR/Billing partner you’ve looking for,

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