6 Reasons Why So Many Practices are Changing EMR Right Now 

6 Reasons Why So Many Practices are Changing EMR Right Now 


1. Most practice owners aren’t happy with their EMR

  • Options are available that will lower documentation time by 50% with noticeably higher compliance, deliver about 10% higher collections at one third lower cost than what you spend today

2. While there has never been time to research EMR, today staff can research EMR online during unfilled appointment slots

3. Converting EMR today is easier and less stressful because practices have fewer active patients than ever.

  • Right now, there is less data to convert

4. Telehealth is yet another EMR disappointment.  Practice owners want an EMR that says, “Your job is to focus on the patient.  Sign the telehealth claim, our job is to get it paid”.  Systems 4PT Telehealth Library 

5. EMR websites have so many videos, it’s easy to identify efficient systems without the hassle of interacting with salespeople.  Systems 4PT System Overview 

6. Finally, therapists are thrilled that when volume returns, theyare not doing homeworkthey’re not spending nights and weekends catching up on notes.  As documentation homework has subsided, so has therapist burnout.  Not surprisingly, therapists want to keep it that way.

  • Watch us document an eval in half the time.  You can return to full treatment capacity without homework.  Eval in half the time 

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