MIPS 2021:  Ignore the Bad Advice

Incorrect MIPS Advice Coming From Some EMRs  & Industry Consultants

You may have heard industry leaders discussing why they lean toward not participating in MIPS for 2021.  They advise that there is no way to earn back the labor and registry costs involved with MIPS participation.

This advice is incorrect. 

Systems 4PT has delivered the most 100-point scores in rehab:

  1. Provided at no charge. Including QCDR submission.
  2. Requiring an average of 10-seconds of therapist input per eval. There are no “labor costs”.

Suggesting that “MIPS isn’t worth it” is utterly misguided

MIPS is “Free Money” that is easy to access.

MIPS has separated our industry’s true experts from the others.  You deserve the MIPS exceptional performance bonus.  Systems 4PT looks forward to helping you achieve it.

You can learn more about MIPS by clicking the following link: MIPS Has Exposed EMR Hype

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