MIPS Has Exposed EMR Hype

EMR has evolved into a blur of marketing hype.  Every software company makes the same claims (Fast, Compliant, Higher payments).  And nobody believes any of it.

MIPS has changed that.  MIPS delivers a transparent view of EMR capabilities. An objective score.

For years EMRs have exaggerated about compliance and collections, but you have never had a way to compare results from one EMR to another.

MIPS provides the solution.  Every EMR works with the same complex set of MIPS rules.  CMS judges MIPS performance by calculating a year end score.

2020 Results:

All Systems4PT practices large enough to participate for MIPS, achieved a 100-point score in 2020

No other EMR reported over 5% of practices achieved 100-points

MIPS is an objective window into your EMR’s real world capabilities.

Scoring 100 points with MIPS is easier than getting fully paid.  MIPS is one set of rules whereas payment rules differ, by payer, by state, even by region.

Are we saying that if an EMR can’t deliver high MIPS scores

they also can’t deliver high payments?


No EMR delivers higher MIPS scores than Systems 4PT

  • They don’t have the technology

No other EMR claims to be faster or more compliant than Systems 4PT

  • Our technology delivers twice the compliance documented in half the time

Nor does any EMR claim to collect more than Systems 4PT

  • Our practices collect 10% to 13% more than their prior approach to billing

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