Is this how you feel about owning your practice?

  • I have a significant, positive impact on my patients’ lives
  • I am paid what I deserve
  • And enjoy my lifestyle

If not, the reason is simple – You’re using the wrong tools.

There has been a revolution in technology since you installed your EMR.

  • Hands-on treatment time has increased, because documentation time has been cut in half (vs. the EMR you use).
  • Integrated payer rules, guide all employees toward creating clean claims that get paid
  • Technology guarantees that the payer is called for every unpaid claim.
  • The owner enjoys a six figure salary and 10% pretax profit
  • And when therapists finish up with their last patient, they go home, because their notes are done.

Better yet, this revolutionary technology costs 30% less than what you’re spending today.

If you’re not thrilled about being a practice owner, then it’s time for your own revolution.

Be fair to your practice and be fair to yourself.