Five Substantial Changes to EMR and How They Help Your Practice

EMR thrilled outpatient rehab with five breakout advancements in 2019:

  1. Therapists lowered their documentation time an average 14 hours per week, each week, during 2019!
  • 1,250 patient-specific words were imported into the average Systems 4PT eval, touch-free.
    • Our patient portal identified and documented each patient’s medical history, medications, chief compliant, prior level of function, pain, functional outcome test answers, and more.
    • Most Systems 4PT daily notes were signed at point of care, before the patient left the practice.
  1. Collections were strong and stable.
  • Our 2019 nationwide average collections per claim were the second highest in the past 8 years!
    • Systems 4PT’s HardStop™ validation delivered a 99.87% first-pass submission rate.
    • Record amounts of deductible and co-insurance dollars were collected at patient intake.
      • Systems 4PTs integrated billing shows the front desk what’s due during intake!
  1. Compliance was greater than ever.
  • Using Systems 4PT, a three-state network ended a 6-month Medicare audit with a 100-point score!
  1. MIPS was a standout success.
  • 90% of System4PT practices are opting into MIPS (more than any other EMR).
    • Their average trending MIPS score is 95.6 points out of 100.
    • 60% of our practices are trending toward 100 MIPS points.
  • Our practices received quarterly trending score guidance.
    • No other EMR has announced their trending scores.
  • The above was achieved with our 20-second workflow vs. the 5-7-minute workflows with other EMR.
  • Systems 4PT is the only EMR that doesn’t charge extra for MIPS, including QCDR MIPS submission.
  1. Given the above, it’s no surprise that Systems 4PT’s customer satisfaction is 67% greater than the next closest EMR.
  • Our priorities are:
  • The greatest compliance provided in outpatient EMR.
  • The fastest documentation available (half the time of any other EMR).
  • The highest collections (an average 9.6% higher).
  • The lowest cost your practice has paid for EMR and billing.

Our Priority Is Your Practice

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