Introducing the Stress-Free EMR Conversion

We often hear about the struggles therapists have gone through switching their EMR. We are here to get rid of that stress and to make changing your EMR simple.

This is why we have worked hard to provide a stress-free installation process.

How does it all work?

  • It’s a gradual shift from your old EMR to the new
  • Does not involve any sudden, major, or disruptive changes to your practice
  • Allows you to verify higher efficiency and payments in advance

Systems 4PT experts populate group and individual credentialing data provided by your clinic into your new database.

On conversion day, everyone comes to work and almost nothing changes.

  • There’s no “total conversion” of patient data
  • Active patients are documented in the old EMR, and only new evaluations are documented and billed in Systems 4PT
  • This is part of Systems 4PT’s 99.87% first-pass acceptance rate
  • All active patients’ daily visits and re-evals are documented in the old EMR until discharge or you feel ready to convert them.

Only new evaluations are documented during conversion.

  • New patients are evaluated, and their daily notes are documented, using Systems 4PT
  • The only claims that are billed out with Systems 4PT are the new evals
  • We will ensure that billing is set up properly before converting all patients

Working with new Evals gives you time to learn your new system without disrupting your day-to-day process. Then before you know it, you will be completely converted over to Systems 4PT so you can enjoy your faster documentation and higher collections!

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