Why Systems 4PT is 1000 Times Better – A Technical Explanation

The reason your web-based EMR is so slow is sitting right in front of you.  We’re referring to your laptop or tablet.  (If you don’t have time for the detailed explanation, skip to the chart, below.)

With web-based, EMR, this is how PHI (Patient Health Information) gets to and from your laptop every time you change screens:

  1. The data on the laptop is encrypted
  2. The encrypted data is returned to the EMRs datacenter over the internet
  3. The encrypted data is saved in the EMRs datacenter
  • Now that the data is saved, the new screen can be opened
  1. The data for the new screen is in the EMRs datacenter
  2. The encrypted data is sent over the internet to the therapist’s computer
  3. The data is uploaded into the therapist’s computer
  4. The data is then unencrypted
  5. Finally, the note is displayed

With web-based EMR:

  • The 8 steps above happen every time you change a screen. This is called “Web Lag”
  • Key point: The document you’re writing resides on your laptop or tablet

How Systems 4PT Solved the Problem

Systems 4PTs EMR is accessed online, but we’re not web-based.  Systems 4PT is server-based.

Patient data is not sent from the datacenter to your computer.  With Systems 4PT, the therapist works remotely on the computer located in our datacenter.  And this computer is thousands of times faster than your laptop or tablet.

The therapist is working remotely on a supercomputer

that’s thousands of times more powerful

than your laptop or tablet.

For example, when the therapist changes a screen:

  • 100% of your PHI is stored in an array of 10-15 super computers that are networked together in the same location
    • Patient demographics, risk factors, outcome scores, comorbidities, prior episodes of care, relevant population data, and much more are all instantly available
  • The PHI on your screen is saved on these super computers
  • The super computers then access the data necessary to process what is unthinkable with web- based EMR:
    • Compiling over 1,200 patient-specific words to recommend in the evaluation
    • Computing hundreds of millions of potential scenarios to assess and defend patient complexity
    • Computing millions of potential scenarios to recommend compliant MIPS coding and the required 300-500 words of defensive documentation
  • The new screen instantly appears
    • All of this happened in the super computer that is thousands of times faster than your laptop or tablet.
      • With no web lag
      • In the blink of an eye

The Bottom Line:  Web-Based EMR is Inherently Slower

Web-based vs. Systems 4PT.   Which approach looks faster to you?

The chart above explains why your web-based EMR will never be as fast, or as compliant, or as high paying as Systems 4PT:

If you’ve watched the videos on our website you’ve seen that:

  • Systems 4PT recommends an average 1,200 patient-specific words in each evaluation
    • A Systems 4PT evaluation takes half the time to document, vs. your EMR
  • Systems 4PT daily notes have been updated to comply with the CMS 2019 final rule discussing, reduction of documentation for daily visits
    • With most daily notes, when the visit is over, the note is signed
  • Systems 4PT practices average a 94-point trending MIPS score
    • With a 20-second MIPS workflow
    • Provided at no charge
      • Web-based EMRs avoid this topic
    • Single-database integration communicates co-insurance/deductibles due during patient check-in
      • These balances are not communicated with web-based EMR
    • Built-in payer rules guide staff to submit the cleanest claims in the industry, delivering an average 9% increase in collections
    • Management reports detail profit by referral source, by payer, and by therapist

Because our computer is 1,000 times more powerful,

Your EMR is significantly faster and more compliant

Why continue to document on a web-based EMR when you don’t have to?

Treat More, Type Less

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