Why Systems 4PT Has 67% Higher Customer Satisfaction Than the Next Highest Reported EMR

Systems 4PT’s customer satisfaction is 67% higher than the next highest-reported EMR. Here’s why:

The FASTEST Documentation

  • Systems 4PT recommends an average 1,250 patient-specific words in each evaluation. You don’t type them, they “just appear.”
  • Therapists access their frequently used treatment plans from a library; no more typing out 35 rows.
  • Documentation homework and therapist burnout are minimized.
  • Most Systems 4PT daily notes are signed before the patient leaves the practice!

Unmatched Compliance

  • HardStop™ technology monitors over 50 payer rules in real time, blocking claims that don’t comply.
  • Medicare’s 2020 10% de minimis rule is recommended: Therapist/assistant minute content is quantified and defended for each CPT code. Correct unit charges are recommended for therapists vs. assistants.
  • The 150 – 200 words of Medicare-required eval code severity documentation are recommended in the blink of an eye.
  • In 2019, a multi-state network using Systems 4PT ended a 6-month Medicare audit with a 100-point score!

Highest Reimbursements

  • Big-data analysis updates Systems 4PT’s payer rule set on a real-time basis.
  • Claims that don’t pass our HardStop™ technology are not billed out.
  • These non-payable claims are quarantined in a “Treatment Not Billable” list. Every other system bills them out.
  • Clean, payable claims are visually differentiated. Each patient’s name turns green when all known payer rules have been satisfied.
  • I. driven collections are cognizant of dollar volume, timely filing, payer quirks, and regional patterns. The computer tells the human which claim to work next.
  • Systems 4PT’s nationwide average collections per claim are $7.00 higher than the next highest reported EMR!

The Only EMR That “Got MIPS Right”

  • 9 out of 10 Systems 4PT practices participated in MIPS in 2019.
  • Our practices’ average trending MIPS score is 95.6 points.
  • 60% of our practices are trending toward 100 points.
  • Systems 4PT updated practices on their average MIPS scores at each quarter end in 2019. This enabled our practices to adjust tactics and improve scoring.
  • No other EMR has announced trending MIPS scores in 2019, ever.
  • A compliant MIPS eval requires 150 – 500 additional words. We provide this in a 10-second workflow.
  • MIPS is submitted with a QCDR registry.
  • And all of this is provided at no extra charge!

Lower Cost

  • No user fees are charged by Systems 4PT.
  • Patient appointment reminders, patient satisfaction surveys, and QCDR MIPS submission are all provided at no additional charge.
  • All the above is provided for less than you’re paying for EMR and billing today!

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