Why do FOCUS practices outperform the rest?

You’ve seen numerous analyses of impressive FOCUS collection stats. But what exactly is a FOCUS practice?

While the industry suffers with continuously declining reimbursements, FOCUS practices have increased their collections per claim since 2012. Note graph below.

FOCUS Collections is the largest department within Systems4PT.

2/3 of our practices outsource billing to FOCUS Collections (1/3 of our practices bill in house). FOCUS Collections is a concierge service. The name is intertwined with Systems4PT’s corporate culture,

“We FOCUS on our practice’s cash”

FOCUS Collections increases our practices’ collections an average of 9.6% vs. their prior approach to billing. (We measure before and after with each installation).

This unmatched collections performance results from emphasizing three fundementals:

  •  Accountability
  • Communication
  • Technology


FOCUS Collections is accountable for getting claims paid, including telehealth claims. We’re not allowed to write-off any claims with out written instructions (if that ever happens, we credit the practice for the net payment amount). Likewise, if the claim is signed on a timely basis, and if FOCUS Collections fails to submit the claim to the payor prior to timely filing, we credit the practice for that claim. FOCUS is accountable.


Outsource billing has evolved into a frustrating game where the practice pays staff to search for denied claims and then sets up weekly meetings to instruct the billing company. (We ask, why are these practices paying for outsourced billing, when they are the ones managing the billing?)

FOCUS Collections is different. FOCUS proactively notifies the practice of EVERY unpaid claim. The practice can see the billing notes. They can track the status. The practice can participate with guidance, (ex. “COBRA benefits are exhausted, use this new policy”). The practice can see FOCUS’s responses and updates.

The practice doesn’t waste time managing billing. All issues are communicated, proactively, real time.


FOCUS Collections manages every claim with U.S. based, Systems 4PT employees. We leverage technology to collect more cash, in less time, than any other approach. Specifically, we use proprietary artificial intelligence to guide collections.

Artificial intelligence establishes “payment norms” for every payer by analyzing every claim for every patient in your region, every day. If any claim deviates from your region’s payment norm, the computer feeds that claim to the collector. The computer tells the human which claims to work, and in what order. This intelligence is cognizant of timely filing, claim size, electronic vs. snail mail, necessity for attachments, appeals, and much more.

As such, FOCUS Collections is working claims in 15 days or 18 days. We don’t wait for the arbitrary 30 or 45 days pas due to make collection calls.

This is why in an industry that averages collections in 45 days, and amidst other billing companies that brag about 36-day collection cycles, Focus Collections averages an 18-day collection cycle. This stat includes workers comp, L&I and motor vehicle claims.

Higher collections for 30% less than any other billing company charges.

Systems 4PT is 18 years old. We’re owned and managed by our founding management team. We’re not owned by a bank. We don’t nickel-dime our practices.
If you’re looking for higher collections, with better communication, from a billing partner who is accountable for getting you paid, (including telehealth).

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