Which is Better:

Bank-Owned EMR or

Independently Owned EMR?

Many practices are noticing declining service levels from their EMR. Having been owned by a venture capital firm since 2014, one of the leading EMRs in outpatient rehab was sold to another investment group 90 days ago.

The Stability You’re Looking For

Systems 4PT is 17 years old and is owned and managed by its founding management team. Here’s how that stability benefits you:

Business Expertise

Through the years, Systems 4PT’s management had the business savvy necessary to grow profitably.  Because we’ve always been profitable, we’ve never been forced to sell out and give up control to profit-driven bankers. This is in stark contrast to the other two leading EMRs in outpatient rehab, both of which are owned by venture capital or investment banks.

When you ask yourself “Which EMR is best?”

You should also consider “Which EMR is still in control of their own company?”

Control Over Service and Pricing

Systems 4PT doesn’t cut corners with customer service. Our Software Support Services teams answer the phone and there’s no hold queue. Additionally, our support teams and our billing and collections specialists are exclusively US-based employees. We don’t outsource to cheap labor in foreign countries.  Bankers are not involved with our decisions.

No nickel and dime add-on fees.

Likewise, while every other EMR in outpatient rehab charges extra for MIPS submission (and many charge extra for scanning storage, appointment reminders, and functional outcome tests), Systems 4PT provides all of these services at no extra cost to you  We don’t have any add on fees. Our pricing isn’t driven by a bank who owns the company.

Our profits are reinvested in YOU.

Putting the Pieces Together

As you notice deteriorating performance from EMR companies that are sold from one bank to the other, we invite you to consider a better option.

Systems 4PT is the low-cost supplier of EMR and billing in outpatient rehab. We charge about 1/3 less than you’re paying today for EMR and billing. Additionally, while delivering industry leading value, we believe that Systems 4PT is the most profitable EMR in outpatient rehab, which means we’re the most stable.

Therefore, our unwavering focus has always been on:

  • Faster Documentation
  • Lower Therapist Burnout
  • Higher Compliance, and
  • Stable Reimbursements

The top priorities for the banks who own an EMR are acquisitions, outsourcing to cheap foreign labor, and cuts aimed at increasing value so the bank can sell the EMR for a profit.

The top priorities of Systems 4PT are to deliver superior functionality and service aimed at increasing value in your practice.

This is why Systems 4PT is the most trustworthy EMR in outpatient rehab.

We invite you to take a look.

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