What Your MIPS Registry Isn’t Telling You. . . And How It Can Hurt You

The CMS requires MIPS registries to update practices on their submission status four times each year, with the first of those being in April.   But most practices haven’t heard anything about their MIPS compliance.

A Registry’s Inexperience Can Hurt You

Outpatient rehab is awash in new MIPS registries that were created for 2019.  Many of these started accepting data late, well after 1/1/19.  Worse yet, most of their practices, “have heard nothing” about MIPS submission trends.  It is unclear if these inexperienced registries are unaware of the CMS’ requirement to report practices’ submission trends in April, if they simply don’t know how to put the data in the correct format, or if they’re in “fake it ‘til you make it” mode.

Many Practices Who Diligently Submit MIPS, Will Still Face Takebacks

You can perform perfectly, but with the wrong codes

  • Many MIPS measures are “topped out.” Submission is rewarded with 3 points
  • While many other MIPS measures reward up to 10 points
  • Which measures are you submitting?

Your submission volume may be too low

  • To qualify in 2019, a minimum of 20 encounters must be reported for each measure
  • Which means that Q1 should be trending at 5 or more encounters
  • How many encounters have your practice submitted in Q1?

Submission distribution percentage vs. total population is important

  • MIPS reporting is required for 60% of eligible patients
  • Where does your practice stand?

If you’re late to this party, it gets expensive

  • At the end of May we’ll be more than 40% through 2019
  • Which means less than 60% of the year remains
  • Which means there won’t be enough time to achieve a 60% distribution for the 10-point code if you’ve been diligently submitting the 3-point topped-out codes

Why Are You Paying (A Lot) of Money, for a Non-Compliant Registry?

  • You’re paying thousands of dollars to your MIPS registry
  • For non-compliant performance
  • Putting your practice at a significant and completely unacceptable financial risk

Watch for These Warning Signs

When asked for submission trends, the registry answers, “We don’t submit data to the CMS until early 2020.  There’s nothing to report.”

  • The CMS requires the registry to update the status, consistency, and quality of data submission that you’re sending to them (the registry), four times each year
  • This allows the practice to adjust and fine tune submission quality, ensuring high scores once the data is finally sent in early 2020

Registries that advise, “Don’t worry about MIPS.  It will probably be phased out, just like G-Codes were”

  • Translation: “We don’t know what we’re talking about”

And the biggest warning sign of all:  “Silence”

  • If you’re not being updated on MIPS status, it’s time to:
    • Stop paying extra for non-compliance
    • Demand data, NOW
    • And look elsewhere for a competent registry

The Undisputed MIPS Authority

Systems 4PT practices:

    • Average a trending MIPS score of 94 points, deep in “bonus territory,” and promptly reported in April of 2019
  • With a compliant, 20-second workflow
  • Submitted via a QCDR, registry submission
  • Provided at no extra charge

It’s Time to Demand Competence and Compliance!

Your EMR claims to be a trustworthy, MIPS authority.  But in fact, they are an expensive liability.

We’re here to help.

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