What is Focus Collections?

FOCUS Collections is Systems 4PT’s fully integrated billing solution. FOCUS is also the largest department within Systems 4PT.
FOCUS Collections increases a practices’ collections at an average of 9.6% vs. their prior approach to billing.
These unmatched collection performances are a result of solid fundamentals.

  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Technology


Outsourced billing has evolved into a frustrating game where you pay staff to search for denied claims and then set up weekly meetings with the billing company.
FOCUS Collections is different. FOCUS proactively notifies the practice of EVERY unpaid claim. You can see the billing notes and track claim status. You can work with your FOCUS team member on guidance, (ex. “COBRA benefits are exhausted, use this new policy”). You can see FOCUS’s responses live as a team member communicates with you in our billing module.
You don’t have to waste time managing billing. All issues are communicated proactively in real-time.


FOCUS Collections is accountable for getting claims paid, including telehealth claims. We do not write off any claims without written instructions. If that ever happens, we credit the practice for the net payment amount. Likewise, if a claim is signed on a timely basis and FOCUS Collections fails to submit the claim to the payor prior to timely filing, we credit the practice for that claim. FOCUS is accountable if all payor rules are satisfied.


FOCUS Collections manages every claim. We leverage technology to collect more cash in less time than any other EMR. Specifically, we use artificial intelligence to guide collections.
Artificial intelligence establishes “payment standards” for every payer by analyzing every claim for every patient in your region. Our system then tells a FOCUS member which claims to work, and in what order.
As such, FOCUS Collections is working claims in 15 – 18 days vs. waiting for 30- or 45-days past due to make collection calls.
In an industry that averages collections in 45 days and while other billing companies brag about a 36-day collection cycle. Systems 4PT’s Focus Collections averages a 17-day collection cycle. This stat includes workers comp, L&I, and motor vehicle claims.

We offer a 9.6% average increase in collections paired with our fully integrated EMR for 30% less than any other billing company charges.

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