What can you do about patient dropout?

Do you have trouble keeping track of which patients need to be scheduled? Who needs an authorization? Who needs a new script? Who dropped out? Wouldn’t it be great if all this information was on one report? Systems4PT provides this report to your staff at no charge.

Have you ever noticed you haven’t seen a patient in a while, but don’t know their last name, or even if they were discharged? Our Work List menu shows you drop-out and non-returning patients. If the patient has been absent for over a week and has no appointments scheduled, they will appear on this list prompting you to call and get them back into therapy. You might be able to get another four or five visits for a patient.

Our Work List also shows you who is going to need a progress note, who is about out of authorization, and who doesn’t have a signed Medicare plan of care. All these scheduling headaches are taken care of with one menu.

By properly utilizing our integrated Work List, you can bring back your non-returning patients, as well as properly schedule your patients for progress notes whether it’s their 10th Medicare visit, they need new authorization or their script for therapy is almost up from the referring doctor. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve. Be proactive and decrease the likelihood of your patients not coming back in for the therapy they need.

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