What are Virtual Groups for MIPS?

What are Virtual Groups?

A Virtual Group is a way for multiple practices to combine their MIPS data upon submission. This will provide higher quality scores. Some clinics may struggle meeting requirements within certain patient populations, but as a group, you all qualify collectively. These groups are specifically for solo practitioners who are MIPS eligible, or practices with 10 or less clinicians, with at least one of those clinicians being MIPS eligible. This is a way for anyone to participate and start earning your MIPS bonus.

When can I sign up for a Virtual Group?

The window for signing up for 2022 Virtual Groups started on October 1, 2021, and runs through December 31, 2021. You must submit your election to CMS via e-mail before the end of the year.

Can I join a Virtual Group just for my NPI?

Virtual Groups are submitted by TIN. All NPIs associated with that TIN must be a part of the Virtual Group.

Why would I join a Virtual Group?

A Virtual Group can help you improve your scores. Virtual groups will allow you to submit MIPS even if you are not required to. Joining a Virtual Group will give you a higher patient volume to submit, as the entire group submits as one entity. All TINs in the Virtual Group will get the same score. This is a great way to start submitting and getting rewarded for your MIPS scores.

How does Systems 4PT help with MIPS?

Our technology provides:

  • Notification if your practice is REQUIRED to submit MIPS data
  • A compliant, 10-second workflow, including the 150-300 words of required defensive documentation
  • QCDR MIPS submission
  • All at no extra charge

Check out our other blog to see if you will be required to submit MIPS

100% of Eligible Systems 4PT Practices are Submitting Compliant MIPS Data in 2021 at no additional charge.

We always keep our system up to date with any coding changes, so you can treat without worrying about getting paid.

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