Astonishing MIPS Announcement

The CMS requires MIPS Registries to make submission data available to therapists four times each year.  The first of these quarters is January – April.

First-quarter data reveals that, for Systems 4PT practices, the average trending  MIPS score is 94 points.

This is not submission percentage.  This is the actual trending MIPS score, including the negative impact of numerous “topped out” measures.

As shown in the illustration, based on average trending MIPS score, Systems 4PT practices are DEEP IN BONUS TERRITORY

  • It’s not yet clear what percentage these bonuses will be, but we are very confident that Systems 4PT practices will be paid extra by the CMS in 2021

While MIPS rules will change every year, the average trending scores of Systems 4PT practices are already above the bonus levels for 2021!

Perhaps most impressive of all is that:

  • This industry-leading average performance was accomplished with an average 20-second therapist workflow,
  • Including the additional 200-500 words of required MIPS-specific defensive documentation, and
  • Provided by Systems 4PT at no extra charge

Why This is Significant

  1. MIPS Is An Objective Measure of Compliance
    • Your EMR claims to be compliance experts. And they are charging A LOT for MIPS participation
    • What’s your trending score? Again, not your participation rate. What’s your trending, calculated score?
    • You’ll probably have to aggressively chase your EMR to get that information
    • Once you learn your trending score, ask the question, “Why am I paying extra for subpar performance?”
  1. The CMS Will No Longer Increase Their Fee Schedule
    • The only way for reimbursements to increase, along with costs, is to “be excellent at playing the game” and earn bonus and reward dollars
  1. Every Year It Gets Harder to Avoid MIPS Takebacks (as shown in the illustration)
    • As this happens, practices who are experienced with MIPS will have a distinct advantage over those just coming into the program.

The CMS requires your registry to update your MIPS status.

Don’t allow your registry to avoid this topic.   If you find that you’re paying (a lot) of extra money, for subpar performance, which is then not communicated,

We’ve got the solution, and the results are in:

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