The Big Change with Deductibles in 2020

Because patient deductibles were reset on January 1st, about 1/3 of your first quarter cash flow will be coming from patient deductibles and co-insurance.

NOW is a good time to confirm collection protocols with your Front Desk Staff.

Systems 4PT lists deductible and co-insurance balances due when patients check in.  Collect the amount displayed and you’re done (note the workflow shown below).

The workflow to the right lists the necessary steps if you use web-based PT EMR.  Because the therapy billing software is a separate program, your scheduling system does not display deductible and coinsurance due on patient intake.  The schedule shows “$0 due.”

Get ready for blowback from your staff, this is a hassle.

Collecting deductibles and coinsurance balances on intake will add about $10,000 to your first quarter collections.  

Make it happen!  

”If you don’t collect patient payments at the point of service,

you can say ‘sayonara’ to a lot of revenue.”

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