How to Stop Documenting on Weekends

Everyone hates it:  Catching up on notes over the weekend when you’d rather be spending time with family, or just relaxing.

The fact is, you have the ability to fix the problem. EMR is available that reduces documentation time by 50%.  It’s easy to verify. Watch the EMR video demonstration below, or you can document an eval on your own computer with a hands-on trial. This problem has been solved.

This leads us to the real issue: 

Your problem, “documenting on weekends”, has been solved.

But the “change, effort, expense, risk, hassle, distraction”

these issues stop you in your tracks

As such, your trapped.

Just as modern EMR is “light-years” ahead of how you document today, the conversion process is also totally different than what you’ve encountered in the past.  It’s called the “Stress Free” conversion.

First of all, the process costs nothing.  There are no startup fees.

Next, experts enter your credentialing data and coordinate ERA, EFT, EDI with payers on your behalf.

You treat patients.

There is no high-stress conversion, no “tsunami of change”.  You document active patients on the old EMR, exactly as you do today.  Everyone follows their existing workflow.  New evaluations are documented on faster EMR that takes half the time.

Nothing has changed in your practice, except new evals take half the time,
with noticeably higher compliance

Your employees work the same way that they work today.  The patients who were evaluated with the faster EMR, their daily notes are documented in the faster EMR.

You learn how to document at point of care. When the patient leaves, the note is signed.

This is a gradual, gentle conversion. Efficiencies steadily improve on a daily basis.

Reimbursements: Again, there is no drama. There is no “overnight change from one EMR to another, no praying that payments will continue… while fearing a two-month cash drought”. It doesn’t work that way.

Because documentation slowly transitions to the faster EMR, reimbursements gradually shift as well. The point is, long before the new EMR represents a meaningful percentage of your cash flow, you have verified that not only are payments steady, but reimbursements are trending about 9% higher and are paid, on average, one week sooner.

Finally, you’ll pay 1/3 less for this improved EMR and billing than you do today. 

You hate documenting on weekends. You can solve this problem without the expense, risk, worry and stress related system conversion.

If you’re not a believer, watch us document an eval in half the time, or ask for a hands-on trial. We’ve fixed the problem.

Video: Watch An Eval Documented In Half The Time

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