A recent industry survey identified that the greatest frustration that therapists face today is the amount of time spent on documentation.

Documentation is mentioned 45 times in the 67-page analysis.  91% of therapists complained about this topic.

When Systems 4PT identified this top complaint in 2013, we came to the conclusion –

“Incremental changes are not going to fix this. 

What’s needed is a revolutionary approach to outpatient rehab-specific EMR“

Our Revolutionary Approach

Guided by the therapist’s clinical judgment, our EMR lowers documentation time by 50%

  • S4PT practices document initial evaluations in half the time vs. any other EMR
  • Click this video link to watch our work flow

Daily notes and re-evals are documented at point of care

  • When the therapist is done treating the patient, the therapist signs the note and moves on to the next patient

This results in exactly what your patients need

  • More hands-on treatment time

And exactly what you deserve

  • More time with your family

We offer a no charge, no obligation hands on trial where you can document an eval and some notes on your own computer.

You’ll see firsthand that we’ve solved the problem.

The Conclusion:

  • Slow documentation and declining reimbursements are critical problems

  • Your EMR has fallen behind and is now holding your practice back

  • Your EMR has become a liability

Systems 4PT has solved these problems.  Prove it to yourself with a hands-on trial.

You’ll document in half the time for 1/3 lower cost vs. what you pay for your outdated EMR and billing today.

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Treat More, Type Less™