Systems 4PT Technology Revolutionizes the Installment Process

Many practice owners are not happy with their EMR. They resent working late to catch up on notes. They know cash is tightening.

But these practice owners fear the disruption associated with changing EMR, and they feel trapped because of it.

When you installed your current software your staff entered credentialing into the web-based software

  • But your staff are not credentialing experts
  • And they were working in an unfamiliar system, every field was confusing and new

The result: A cash crisis followed your last software installation.

Just as Systems 4PT obsoletes the EMR you’re using, our technology revolutionizes the installation process:

  • Our credentialing experts verify all data with the source
  • These expert technicians then enter your credentialing data and build your Systems 4PT database for you

Therapists are not thrown into a chaotic abyss during system conversion.

For the therapists, the only change is that your eval documentation times are cut in half, your daily notes are increasingly documented at point of care, and you spend more time with your family.

Let’s work together to fix the problem!

Treat More, Type Less TM