MIPS and the Elephant in the Room

The more we learn about MIPS, the more obvious it becomes: Non-compliant practices will be driven out of the industry.

MIPS will threaten to take-back 9% of reimbursements affecting 65% of your revenue

That’s right. As MIPS matures, the take-back increases to 9% and all major payers are expected to participate.

This is why we need to discuss, “The elephant in the room”.


Most therapists say that it took 3 to 5 minutes to report PQRS with web based PT EMR. Worse yet, 40% of the market failed to comply with PQRS rules.

MIPS is referred to as “Pay for Progression”. Question: Does spending an extra 3 to 5 minutes on every eval and re-eval improve patient progression?

Using Systems 4PT, our therapists documented PQRS in 10 seconds in 2016. Impressively, 99.3% of those therapists were PQRS compliant.

Being Fair . . . To Yourself

Look at yourself. “Your new normal” is to catch up on documentation during nights and weekends. It wasn’t that way with paper documentation. The problem is that your check list EMR is slower than paper. MIPS will make things even worse.

Using Systems4PT, you’ll document an eval in half the time vs. your outdated EMR.

This leaves more time for hands-on patient treatment (which is the only thing that yields progression) and also more time for you.

Remember when Sunday was your “fun day”? Now it’s your “catch up on notes” day

You should not accept this “new normal.” This is not “reality with EMR”. It is “reality with slow, outdated EMR”

The Elephant in the Room

Today, your largest barrier to hands-on treatment is slow EMR. Tomorrow, your greatest risk of MIPS take-backs is the same, outdated EMR because typing doesn’t increase patient progression. You can’t work any harder; that rubber band has no stretch left.

Every day, it becomes clearer: Your web-based PT EMR has wonderful marketing but inadequate technology . . . and a really slow EMR.

Systems 4PT will cut your eval time in half, leaving more time for hands-on treatment.

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