Is non-integrated billing threatening your practice?

Furious practice owners are taking action because their EMR knowingly allows tens of thousands of dollars to go unpaid every month.

Non-integrated billing threatens to destroy your practice.

The Problem:

Patient payments should represent about 10% of your total revenue.

The problem is that Web based PT EMR is not integrated in the same database as your billing software.  As such, billing cannot  communicate deductible or coinsurance balances due to your Front Desk Staff.

For example, when a patient who owes $739.06 in deductible or coinsurance checks into your practice,  your Front Desk Staff see $0.00 due for the patient.

The patient owes $739, but because your billing system is a separate software program from your EMR/scheduling, nothing is collected.

$739 lost.  And this is just one patient!

The Solution:

Systems 4PT integrates EMR and billing in the same, single database.  As such, patient deductibles and coinsurance due are communicated to your Front Desk Staff during check in.

Using Systems 4PT, when the same patient as above checks in, our Patient Processing Screen communicates the patient’s entire balance due.  Front Desk Staff can’t miss it:

While your EMR claims to be a trustworthy partner

They knowingly communicate $ ZERO DUE, when in fact, tens of thousands should be collected

Why are you using an EMR that knowingly fails to communicate tens of thousands of dollars due each month?

Systems 4PT’s average collections per claim have increased since 2012. Working every claim, every month, our U.S. based employees are collecting more per claim than anytime in the last seven years.

The 9% payment reductions are only four months away.   Now is the time to plan for success.

A trustworthy business partner would never knowingly leave tens of thousands on the table. . . . Every month!

We’re happy to show you how Systems4PT delivers:

  • Twice the Medicare compliance, documented in half the time
  • Average collections that average 9.6% higher vs. your current performance
  • Delivered in one, single, integrated database
  • For 30% less than you spend today for EMR and billing

The above is why Systems4PT enjoys the highest customer satisfaction of any EMR in outpatient rehab.

Treat More, Type Less™

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