ICD-10 Changes in October 2021

Every year we see changes to ICD-10 codes around this time of year. We wanted to highlight one change we have seen affect a clinic directly and give you a cheat sheet to see how other codes will be changing.

One of our clinics specializes in back pain and uses M54.5 (low back pain). This code will no longer be authorized and will need to be replaced with other similar codes. M54.59 Other Low Back Pain, M54.51 Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain and M54.50 Low Back Pain Unspecified are all new ICD-10 codes that were uploaded as of 10/01.

Our system will automatically add and remove codes every time a coding update happens. With our HardStop technology if you used an outdated or unauthorized code our system will notify you to change that code to ensure your documentation and claims are compliant and you get paid. We also have put together an Excel sheet that shows all coding changes effective October 1, 2021. The Excel sheet has three tabs at the bottom: Deletions, Revisions, and Additions. Click the button below to download our coding update sheet!

We always keep our system up to date with any coding changes, so you can treat without worrying about getting paid.

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Download Code Changes Excel Sheet

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