Changing your EMR can be easy with S4PT

Changing Your EMR Without Risk or Stress

  • Do you want to lower evaluation documentation time by 50%?
  • Would you like to eliminate charting homework?
  • Do you need to improve documentation compliance?
  • Would you like to increase collections by 9.6%?
  • And would you like to accomplish steps 1 through 4 for less than what you’re spending today?

Ok. Of course, you answered “yes” to all of those questions, but it’s likely you’ll also say “no” to the stress and risk that accompany software conversion. Systems4PT’s Stress-Free Installation™ is an innovative solution to the risk and stress of changing EMR. We have eliminated the disruption, chaos, and billing risk that have marred your prior EMR installations.

A Typical Day During Our Stress-Free Installation:

Greater Documentation Compliance Without Homework
  • Everybody is working as usual on your old system
  • There’s no chaos
  • But new evals, documented on Systems 4PT, are now 50% faster
  • And claims billed out in Systems 4PT are paid 10 days faster vs. your old system

Looking Ahead, This Is the Ideal Time of Year for A Stress-Free Change

Because of deductibles, weather, and other factors, for most of the country, January averages 15% fewer treatments per day vs. the other 11 months of the year. This “lull in the action” is the PERFECT time to make improvements.

Schedule a Systems 4PT Consultation over Lunch

See for yourself how to document with more compliance in half the time and get paid more for it, all while reducing the burdensome backlog of documentation “homework” that strains your evenings and weekends.

And finally, if you worry that your therapists won’t be on board with a change in EMR, why not set up a 30-minute lunchtime in-service? As a result, they’ll be asking how they can help you make the transition easier!

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