Higher Collections Thanks To New Methodologies with Outsourced Billing

Outsourced billing tactics have radically changed with an emphasis on transparency, communication and accountability. The goal is simple: Collect More Money!

Here’s what’s changed

Visibility of All Issues

With Systems4PT, you see a list of all unpaid claims. Your staff see documentation that details collectors’ follow up work. In addition, all conversations between your practice and our collection team are documented.

Accountability For Collections

Systems4PT is accountable for delivering the claims to the payers. In fact, if claims are signed on a timely basis, and timely filing is not met, Systems4PT credits the lost payment to the practice.

Systems4PT is not authorized to write off any claims without written permission from the practice. If claims are written off without this permission, Systems4PT credits the lost payment to the practice.

Assurance That Every Claim is Worked, Every Month

Again, you have visibility of every unpaid claim as well as details about Systems4PT’s rebilling activity.

Managed 100% by U.S. Based Employees

Systems4PT U.S.-based employees manage 100% of the billing & collections work. Intimacy with outpatient rehab protocols, an emphasis on “when in doubt, call the payer,” and the ability to communicate back and forth with your staff have proven to maximize collection results.

While your collections have declined, Systems4PT’s average collections per claim have increased since 2012.  Working every claim, every month, our U.S. based employees are collecting more per claim than anytime in the last seven years.  (Note graph)

Every outsourced billing company promises higher collections. 

Only Systems 4PT has delivered it!

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