Gamers and Cosplayers in the World of Physical Therapy

There is a fresh generation supporting a new type of athlete ready to reap the benefits of physical therapy. Gaming is a huge part of youth culture today and professional gamers put in hours at a time either sitting at their desks on their computers, or stiffly staring straight ahead with controls in hand. Unfortunately, this can lead to an array of physical health issues if they do not get the movement that they need for their bodies to thrive. So, let’s get into how PT can benefit gamers!

Gamers Thumb and Gamers

A huge problem in the gaming community (for controller-based/console gaming) is something referred to as Gamer’s thumb, also known medically as De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. Gamer’s thumb is easily treatable with the proper resources and physical therapy exercise regime. With the help of physical therapy, multiple gamers have benefited from easier range of motion and less pain. Performance Health states that “Exercise is the best treatment for tendon injuries like Gamer’s thumb, everything else only offers temporary pain relief. Try the exercises viewable through the linked page.” 

Back Pain and PC Gamers

Something that is more common for PC gamers is back pain. PC gamers, especially those with gaming careers, will sit at their computers for hours at a time working on world building, story progression, or first-person shooter games. Physical therapy is highly beneficial for those with lower back pain, especially when added to regular movement and stretching. Most doctors suggest starting by working on core stability and postural exercises to prevent muscle fatigue and increase endurance for those who sit at a desk all day. Visiting a physical therapist regularly is beneficial for both PC and Console gamers.

Relief for Dedicated Enthusiasts

Cosplayers are people dedicated to the art of transforming into their favorite characters or creatures. Often, cosplayers will spend days on end painting, designing, and putting together unique and crazy costumes, sometimes with large, heavy, moveable props. Cosplayers spend a great deal of time creating incredible and intricate designs for character costumes. For a large portion of this community, this involves sewing. Sewing has been known to lead to chronic back pain and posture deprecation. Fortunately, there are many back exercises that can help to correct these issues. If you’re struggling with back issues from sitting for extended periods of time, then you should check out Ortho Carolina’s seven tips to help with back pain.

PT is always talked about as if it is strictly targeted towards field and pool athletes or artists like dancers and musicians, but if you’re a gamer or a cosplayer who experiences pain from your creative outlet, visit a physical therapist near you today.

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