Experience Matters When Choosing an EMR

Systems 4PT® was founded in 2002 and was the first fully integrated EMR in outpatient rehab. Today, we have thousands of customers who routinely use our EMR and Billing system.

Our FOCUS collections team has been managing claims for 19 years now! When you join us, you will be assigned an experienced team that will make sure your billing is done properly and your claims go out clean. We take the guesswork and struggles out of billing to make sure you get paid.

We have taken the unique approach of leveraging modern technology to help build our EMR. We use Artificial Intelligence to populate your documentation with patient information when you start an eval. We use the same technologies to make sure your claims are coded to in accordance with up-to-date Medicare rules.

We are proud to say we have been helping PT’s kick boring documentation to the curb, giving you more time to heal your patients. Join us with a free demo and see why year after year more PT’s are switching to Systems 4PT.

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