Documentation Homework is a Problem, We Do Our Best to Reduce It.

P.T.’s and O.T.’s do a remarkable job of making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.  But documentation homework is taking the fun away from the amazing impact you are making in your patient’s life. With ever-changing rules and regulations, documentation takes longer than ever.

  • Our EMR data mines the electronic patient check-in portal and recommends 1,250 patient-specific words in the average eval.
  • Systems 4PT provides a library of your frequently used treatment plans, which auto-fill the 20 – 40 rows of treatments and exercises that you type today. You then edit the plan.
  • HardStop™ payor validation that monitors hundreds of payer rules, real-time as you document. Therapists are notified of any claims that don’t pass the integrated rules.
  • Stress-Free Installation™, documentation gets faster every day as all-new evaluations are documented in Systems 4PT. Stress, and homework, decline every day.

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