COVID Recovery: October Status Update for

Outpatient Rehabilitation

All of us at Systems4PT acknowledge and applaud your smart, hard work.

“Getting back to normal” is three times harder than “normal” ever was

Thanks to your relentless focus on reinventing how you work and your patient-centered mindset, October treatment rates have increased to over the 90% of normal for outpatient rehab nationwide, (based on actual Systems4PT practice data).

Amidst the constant threat of COVID infection, Therapists and Admin Staff are keeping safe as every day more patients are receiving the treatments they need.

We all see the storm clouds on the horizon, (infection spikes as flu season approaches, the likely 9% reimbursement cuts), but it’s clear that by continuing to work together with our “find a way, make a way” attitude, we will continue to find success.

We understand that Systems4PT’s role is to enable you to focus on your safety and on your patients.   As such, during pandemic we have increased our technology investments by 75%.

  • We are preparing to release “Vision 5”. Technology that lowers therapist documentation time 50% vs. our current EMR.  (Keep in mind, today, Systems4PT is the undisputed fastest EMR in Outpatient Rehab.)
  • Systems 4PT delivers the highest first-pass claim acceptance in the industry (99.7%), we are now installing P.E.T. (Patient Eligibility Technology) that lowers remaining first-pass rejections by 75%.
  • In 2021, our practices will leverage integrated, evidence-based technologies, enabling them to deliver measurably higher patient progression than any other rehab practice in their region.

Higher patient progression, with less documentation time and increased reimbursements.  We understand.  This is our role.  This is how Systems4PT can help.   (And we are FIRED UP to help.)

Again, congratulations on your continued recovery.  We applaud your never give up mindset and we are proud to be on your team!

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