Amidst telehealth, are you feeling abandoned by your EMR?

COVID 19 is a crisis on many levels.

Most practices are now dependent on telehealth for cash flow

But few know how to get paid

Anger is turning to panic as practice owners don’t feel supported by their EMR.

Here’s how we’re supporting our practices:

In March, Systems 4PT:

  • Delivered Executive Training, advising our practice owners that most of them would be “dependent” on telehealth for cash flow
    • We advised that telehealth would likely be the “make or break difference” beginning in April, likely all of May and maybe much of June
  • We provided sophisticated cash flow modelling tools, enabling practices to forecast reimbursements, with varying blends of telehealth, E*visit and in-house activity
  • And we communicated Systems 4PT’s Telehealth billing policy:

You sign the telehealth claim

It’s Systems 4PT’s job to get it paid

Systems 4PT began submitting telehealth claims in March,

Our telehealth first pass acceptance rate is 98%

Cash is flowing from all with Medicare, BCBS and other major payers

Telehealth claims are being paid in all states

During the greatest medical and business crisis of our lives, other EMRS have chosen a “hands-off” approach to supporting their customers.  We hear, “My EMR is offering their third 90-minute webinar, and nobody’s told me how to get paid!”

Don’t waste time on webinars when you could be treating patients.

It’s unacceptable to:

  • Begin a webinar with six minutes of disclaimers that say,
    • “We are not responsible for getting you paid”
    • “Don’t call us, (the EMR) with telehealth questions, call the payers”
    • “This does not constitute advice or consulting”
  • To be given advice that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the prior webinar
  • For your questions, “How do I get paid?” to be ignored

This is a defining moment:

During these trying times, your EMR should not be telling you “to figure it out”

It’s your EMR’s job “to figure it out” for you

Your job is to treat the patient!

Systems 4PT is here to help.  Each payer, in each state, has different rules for the six variables required for telehealth training.

With Systems 4PT:

Sign the telehealth claim

It’s our job to get the claim paid

Rather than calling 25 payers, speaking with their ill-informed help desks and then struggling to “figure out” how to get paid, Systems 4Pt has different advice:

Focus on your patients

Don’t’ make 25 calls. Make one.

Give us a call.  Then focus on your patients.

Sign your telehealth notes.  We’ll get you paid.



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