A Shout-Out to the Best Therapists in the World

Recently we reported that Systems4PT practices are back to 92% of normal treatment volumes nationwide. We applaud their extraordinary work. Today we will discuss patient satisfaction. Eight months into the pandemic how are patients feeling about their rehab treatment? As the saying goes: Perception Is Reality. If patients have negative perceptions about therapy, or if they feel the risk of infection is worse than the opportunity to heal, outpatient rehab could be in trouble. Systems4PT practices invite every patient over 18 years old to rate their satisfaction with recent therapy. This one-question survey is called, the Net Promoter Score and our practices monitor these automated results at no extra charge. While updating all Systems4PT practices on their trending MIPS scores through Q3, we analyzed their nationwide patient survey responses.

Our practices’ nationwide, average year to date net promoter score is 92

Here’s what an NPS score of 92 means:

An NPS rating of 70 or more places these practices in the list of top customer-centric companies. This likely means that their patients love them, and their practices generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth referrals.”

Important perspective:

Our practice’s patient satisfaction is impressive because its 2019 nationwide average net promoter score was 88. Despite eight months of lockdowns, telehealth, social distancing, and other worries, their patient satisfaction is higher than ever reported!

For perspective, the Cleveland Clinic’s reported NPS is 51 points. Accenture Consulting reports that the overall net promoter score for healthcare is 9 points. Yet patient satisfaction yields a 92-point net promoter score for Systems4PT practices, YTD, 2020.

Treat More, Type Less

It’s much more than a tagline. Systems4PT understands that our role in the relationship with our practices is to innovate documentation technologies that enable therapists to document with twice the compliance in half the time. It’s very exciting for all of us to know that Systems4PT’s technology enables the best therapists in the world to treat more & type less.

For outpatient rehab practices, “getting back to normal” has been three times more difficult than “normal” ever was. Doing this with higher patient satisfaction than ever before is a testament to every Therapist, Front Desk Operator, and Aide’s skill and passion.

We celebrate and applaud your extraordinary accomplishment

Well done! We couldn’t be more impressed

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