A Look at the Fastest EMR in Outpatient Rehab

Based on evidence from the patient’s current and prior encounters, Systems 4PT recommends an average 1,250 patient-specific words.

All of that is editable.

Based on the therapist’s clinical judgment, the following topics are recommended with more evidence-based compliance than you have time to type today:

  • Functional Deficit
  • Forecasted Severity at Discharge
  • Eval Code Severity (per CMS guidelines)
  • Functional Goals
  • Clinical Rationale

The image you see scrolling, is what a Systems 4PT evaluation looks like when it’s first opened.

Saving you 12 to 20 minutes vs. typing or clicking the endless checkboxes in your EMR.

It’s time to dump your outdated EMR.

Your job is not to be a stenographer!  Don’t accept:

  • Re-typing concerns and prior levels of function that were communicated during intake
  • Typing the score of the outcome test that’s already been scored
  • Clicking the pain at worst and at best, which has already been identified
  • Entering the list of medications that’s already been listed

The 12 to 20 minutes that are saved by our eval enable you to:

  • Spend more time hands-on treating the patient
  • Or enjoy your Sunday afternoon instead of documenting the eval at home

See our Eval and Documentation First Hand

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