2021’s EMR & Billing “MUST HAVE” Technology

A “Seismic Shift” is occurring in outpatient rehabilitation:  Practice owners are refusing to rely on software whose fundamental design lowers collections.   Because of this, they are rejecting EMR & billing that are not “End to End”.

For a growing number of people, “This is an easy one”.  There is no dispute (from anyone) that end to end integration results in higher collections.  Yet, most systems do not work that way.

Why “End to End” EMR & Billing Increase Collections:

Patient deductibles & coinsurance make up about 5% of your revenue.  The only way that EMR can communicate these balances due during intake is if the EMR and billing are integrated in the same database.  It’s pretty basic:   Your Front Desk Staff can’t collect deductibles & coinsurance when the non-integrated EMR lists, “$0 due”.

Could you use 5% higher collections?

This is easy money. . . If you are end to end integrated

  • Your Collection Staff are much more capable of collecting money when their billing system is in the same database with EMR. With end to end integration your Staff have real-time access to all scans, all therapist documentation, and all practice notes.  They have 100% of the data at their disposal.    Without end to end, the payers have the information advantage.  It makes sense:

Well informed collectors, collect more money

  • In addition to increasing collections, end to end EMR & billing lowers costs by over 30%, because you’re paying for one computer system, not two separate programs.

No one debates the higher collections and lower cost of end to end EMR & billing integration.  That’s why “end to end” is the industry’s biggest trend for 2021.  Why aren’t you benefiting from today’s hottest software technology?

It’s a Question of Your EMR’s Competence

Most EMR providers don’t have the expertise required to create end to end integration.  In fact, some of the largest EMRs in outpatient rehab have never programed their own billing module.  As you look closely, you’ll notice these marketing-driven companies acquire separate billing software that is then “bolted on” to their EMR.  But it’s not end to end integrated.

Consider This Simple Point:

if your EMR does not have the competence to create their own billing module,

Why are you trusting your billing to them?

The biggest misrepresentation in outpatient rehab is EMRs (some of them, very large) who call their systems “integrated” while in fact EMR and billing are totally separate software programs, with different names, in different databases.


If your EMR blatantly misrepresents billing integration, knowing that your collections will suffer,

Why are you working with them?


Now You Know Why So Many Practice Owners are switching to Systems 4PT’s End to End EMR & Billing

Systems 4PT increases collections an average 9.6% (we measure before and after collections with each installation), for 30% lower cost than you pay for EMR & billing.

We want to help you control the things that are under your control.

Let’s chat over lunch.

Systems 4PT would like to introduce you to three new concepts that will help your practice:

1. Competent EMR/Billing provider
Trustworthy EMR who does not misrepresent words like “integration”
3. True end to end EMB/billing integration that will meaningfully increase collections, while lowering your expenses

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