2021 Deductible Changes Will Cost You

$10,000 in the Next 90 Days

Patient deductibles reset on January 1st, and about 30% of your first-quarter collections should come from patient deductibles and co-insurance.

Your non-integrated billing does not list deductible & coinsurance balances due to Front Desk Staff. As such, this money won’t be collected.Can you afford to lose $10,000 in the next 90 days?End to End, Integrated Billing communicates deductible & coinsurance balances due during patient intake.

Non-integrated billing shows the same patient as having $0.00 due during patient intake.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, patient payments have grown to over 11% of your revenue. During the first 90 days of the year, patient payments are often 30% of practice revenue.

Why has your EMR done nothing while six figures of patient obligations went unreported and uncollected by your practice over the past 11 years? Does your EMR lack the technical sophistication needed to fix the problem? Do they not care?

Whatever the reason, non-integrated billing is a liability that you cannot afford.

Systems 4PT delivers the technology you need in 2021 and beyond:

  • The undisputed fastest, most compliant EMR in outpatient rehab
  • Our integrated billing increases collections per claim by an average of 10% to 13% vs. every other billing software (We measure before and after with each installation)
  • And we charge 35% less vs. what you pay today for EMR and billing

Happy New Year. Let’s increase your collections in 2021!

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