2019 MIPS Frustrating Scoring Surprise

2019 MIPS Rewards and Bonus Dollars:

  • CMS has announced scoring and rewards for 2019 MIPS participation
  • 93% of Systems4PT practices participated in MIPS in 2019
    • Our practices’ average score was 95.6 points out of 100.
    • 60% of our practices scored a perfect 100 points
  • These Systems4PT practices will receive a MIPS Bonus in 2021 that offsets (earns back) 20% of the 2021 Medicare 9% reimbursement cut
    • Job well done!

If you participated in 2019 MIPS, you should log in and check your score (instructions below)

For everyone else,

MIPS bonus dollars enable your practice to earn back a meaningful amount of the 9% Medicare reductions

(rewards for 2021 MIPS will be paid in calendar year 2023)

MIPS Bonus dollars enable your practice to earn back a meaningful amount of the 9% Medicare reductions in 2021.

The Surprise in 2019 MIPS Scoring:

Below is a summarization of the explanation we received from the CMS QPP Center:

2019 MIPS Scoring is Different Than Expected:

  • The deadline for 2019 MIPS reporting was April 30th, 2020
  • While Systems4PT submits MIPS data on a daily basis, most MIPS participants wait until the April 30th deadline to report
  • And, no surprise, during March and April 2020, practices who procrastinated MIPS submission weren’t focused at all on MIPS (because of COVID)
  • CMS was faced with the majority of MIPS-required practices having no submissions, meaning those practices would receive 7% takebacks
    • CMS could not let this punishment follow the preceding pandemic/lockdown/recession
  • As such, CMS ruled, NO PENALTIES FOR 2019 MIPS
    • Because rewards are funded by penalties, this means NO REWARDS FOR 2019 MIPS as well
  • 2019 MIPS scores above 75 points not only qualify for rewards (which are 0.0%), but also qualify for “Bonus dollars”.
    • The exceptional performance MIPS bonus is funded by a different budget.
  • Quoting from CMS: “Practices whose 2019 MIPS scores were above 75 points will receive a positive adjustment ranging from 0.09% to a maximum of 1.79%”

The Implications:

Our practices’ 1.79% MIPS bonus offsets 20% of the 9% 2021 Medicare fee schedule reduction.

The results are different with other EMRs. Because the other EMRs didn’t provide MIPS scoring feedback during 2019, most of their customers who participated in 2019 MIPS will score below 75 points.


  • These practices wasted hundreds of dollars per month to participate in MIPS
  • And wasted 3 to 5 minutes per eval
  • With no MIPS rewards or bonus dollars in return
  • Because their EMR provided no MIPS scoring feedback during 2019

What You Can Do About It:

If you’re paying extra for MIPS, YOU SHOULD STOP

Because you’re EMR isn’t following through with scoring updates. Why would you pay (a lot) extra and get NOTHING in return?

Systems4PT Makes MIPS Simple:

We provide a 10-Second MIPS workflow

  • With QCDR Submission
  • With quarterly scoring updates
  • And an average 2019 MIPS score of 95.6 points
  • Meaning that 93% of Systems4PT practices will enjoy MIPS bonus dollars in 2021
  • At no extra charge

Here is how you can look up your practice’s 2019 MIPS score and bonus:


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MIPS Can Offset a Meaningful Part of the 9% Pay Cut

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