15 Examples of how your web-based PT EMR is hurting your practice

  1. As you know, web-based PT EMR documentation is brutally inefficient
  2. With web-based PT EMR, you must exit the patient chart to view scans (that’s why you’ve stopped looking at scans)
    • Systems 4PT displays all scans in the chart, saving you dozens of clicks
  3. Have you noticed that “web lag” is increasing with your web-based PT EMR?
    • Systems 4PT provides ½-second response time
  4. With web-based PT EMR, you finish daily notes during the evenings and on weekends
    • With Systems 4PT, when the daily visit is over, the note is signed
  5. Medicare requires you to defend eval code complexity on every eval (100 – 200 words of defensive documentation)
    • With web-based PT EMR, you type, or you’re not compliant
    • Systems 4PT technology adds this defensive documentation in fewer than 15 seconds
  6. With web-based PT EMR, if the front desk forgets to complete required fields in the registration, you don’t get paid.
    • Systems 4PT’s integrated payer rules guide your front desk staff to comply with payer requirements, creating clean claims that get paid. Incomplete registrations can’t be signed
  7. Web-based PT EMR tells “half-truths” when they say their billing is integrated
    • Practices complain that CPT codes often fail to transfer from ERM to billing.  The EMR calls these “HL-7 Transmission errors.” We call this “non-integrated billing”
      • Systems 4PT integrates EMR/billing in one, single database. No need for HL-7, no dropped codes, no deception
    • When the biller posts patient co-insurance and deductibles, web-based PT EMR does not transfer these balances to the front desk because billing is not integrated. You don’t collect the money
      • When the patient arrives, Systems 4PT technology displays the coinsurance and deductibles owed, because the front desk and billing are integrated in the same database
  8. Web-based PT counts visits as “consumed” when the daily note is signed
    • As a result, if the patient has 10 visits authorized, and if the therapist has 3 unsigned notes, the system allows the therapist to sign visits 11, 12, and 13 anyway
      • And the practice does not get paid for visits 11, 12, and 13
    • Systems 4PT counts the visit as consumed when the note is opened, whether it is signed or not
  9. Systems 4PT technology increases collections per claim by 9.2% vs. what practices collected with their previous web-based PT EM
  10. With Systems 4PT, the practice owner decides who has access to PHI from outside the practice as well as what computers can to be used
    • Web-based PT EMR advertises, “Any user can access your PHI from any computer, anywhere, anytime”
    • This can easily result in unauthorized access/distribution, which is the #1 HIPAA violation in 2018, according to the Department of Health & Human Services
  11. MIPS adds to web-based PT EMR’s inefficiencies
    • Plan on spending an extra 12 minutes for compliant MIPS reporting
    • Systems 4PT’s MIPS workflow takes 20 seconds
  12. Web-based PT EMR results in a lot of human error when documenting MIPS
    • Systems 4PT has the highest demonstrated MIPS compliance (99.3%) in outpatient rehab
    • You can’t sign the note unless proper MIPS codes have been entered
  13. MIPS Expense:
    • Web-based PT EMR holds your practice hostage by charging extra for MIPS compliance
    • Systems 4PT is the only EMR in outpatient rehab that doesn’t charge extra for MIPS
  14. Systems 4PT management reporting measures profit:
    • By referral source
    • By payer
    • By therapist
  15. Systems 4PT is 1/3 less expensive than web-based PT EMR
    • There are no user fees
    • There are no setup fees
    • No nickel and dime fees. At all.

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