What Do You Get With Systems4PT?

Systems4PT is an all-inclusive package. You don’t get an EMR and find out everything you need is missing. You don’t need to pay an additional fee for MIPS, Billing, or Management Reporting. What do you get with Systems4PT? Read on to find out!


  • The Fastest Physical Therapy Software with Systems 4PT, you can document evaluations in half the time vs. today
  • You can sign most of your daily notes before the patients leave the practice
  • Virtually eliminate documentation homework and the resultant therapist burnout
  • Finally, enjoy significantly higher compliance than you have time to document today


  • Increase reimbursements an average 9.6% vs. your current approach to billing
  • Submit cleaner claims than ever with HardStop™ payer rule integration with our 99.87% first time acceptance rate
  • Benefit from collection protocols driven by Artificial Intelligence
  • Collect copays, deductibles and coinsurance on intake with single-database billing integration


  • Your front desk is easier to staff as Systems4PT provides the detailed outpatient rehab specific experience needed to create clean claims
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Your practice enjoys higher first-pass acceptance (and fewer rejected claims) than any other scheduling module can provide
  • Your FOCUS team spends their time collecting cash from payers vs. finding, researching, correcting, and rebilling claims that were rejected because of human error
  • Your practice adapts to future payer rule changes, automatically
  • Systems4PT’s billing module communicates with the scheduling module because they are integrated


  • Systems 4PT uses Evidence-Based Technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze patient outcomes
  • Therapists can analyze a palate of treatment plans that are proven to be most effective
  • Therapists are free to apply their clinical judgment and alter the statistically superior treatment plans based on their own experience, from within your practice and from our nationwide database.
  • 25-CMS Approved Functional Outcome Assessments

Management Reporting

  • Analyze Profit by Referral Source
  • Analyze Profit by Payer
  • Analyze Profit by PT, PTA, OT and COTA
  • Billing, Management
  • Multiple Marketing Reports
  • Our goal is that you enjoy 10% to 15% pretax profit. With the right tools, this is surprisingly easy to achieve even with today’s reimbursement levels.

QCDR MIPS Submission

  • Earn MIPS bonus dollars with a 95.2-point MIPS score (our nationwide average)
  • Save time because of our audit-tested, 20-second automated MIPS workflow
  • Benefit from QCDR MIPS submission with detailed reporting
  • Keep your money! Because we provide the above at no charge

Additional Functions

  • Patient Eligibility
  • Tele-health
  • Patient Portal
  • Alerts to keep everyone up to date with auth and scripts so not risking not getting paid.
  • Outgoing e-faxing

What do you get with Systems4PT EMR? All you need and more!

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