Your Weekly Billing Meeting Is Hurting Your Practice

Because of two common problems, most practices that outsource billing insist on weekly teleconferences where unpaid claims are reviewed, and priorities are established.

“My billing company works with a lot of practices, each of which have weekly meetings.

If I don’t have a weekly billing meeting, my claims fall to the bottom of the pile.”

If you’re managing your outsourced biller’s priorities every week, you’ve got the wrong biller.

Since when is it okay to pay someone to do a job while you then do the job for them?

Problem #1: Your Practice Is Submitting Dirty Claims

Practices often tell us that their first pass claim acceptance rates of 98%, 95%, even 92%.  It’s easy to misinterpret these stats:

A 95% first pass claim acceptance isn’t an ‘A’ grade,

It means that 5% of your claims are denied.

You’re treating 1 out of 20 patients FOR FREE.

Solution #1: Systems 4PT’s first pass claim acceptance rate is 99.87%.

Systems 4PT Practices Submit The Cleanest Claims In The Industry

  • If the claim doesn’t pass our integrated payer rules, our HardStop™ Technology ensures the claim does not bill out.
  • Dirty claims that don’t bill out are quarantined in a high-profile, Treatment Not Billable Quarantine
  • Systems 4PT Provides Visual Confirmation of Clean Claims. When a claim satisfies all known payer rules, that patient name visually “turns green” on the schedule. “Green patients” get paid.

Imagine knowing, right now, which patients will or won’t be paid BEFORE they’re billed!

Problem #2:  Your Biller Is Not Making Collection Calls 

When practices insist on weekly meetings to prioritize collection work, it’s obvious that the biller isn’t doing their job.

Solution #2:  Systems 4PT is the only billing system that leverages Artificial Intelligence to drive collection activity.

Artificial intelligence within Systems 4PT establishes “payment norms” for every payer by analyzing every claim, for every patient in your region, every day. If any of your claims deviate from your region’s payment norm, the computer feeds that claim to the collector.

This intelligence is also cognizant of timely filing, claim size, electronic vs. snail mail, necessity for attachments, necessity for appeals, and much more.

At Systems 4PT, the computer tells the human which claims to work, and in what order.

It’s A LOT easier to correct a problem 15 days after signing the note, vs. 60 or 90 days after the fact.  Systems 4PT’s unpaid claims are corrected far before they are 30 days past due, which is why  Systems 4PT practices enjoy an average collection cycle of 18 days, nationwide. What’s your collection cycle?

When claims are submitted with 99.87% first pass acceptance, and then when any unpaid claims are attacked, reimbursements blossom!

With Systems 4PT, there’s no need for weekly billing meetings.

Systems 4PT provides clean claims, and thorough, expert collection work

for 35% less than you’re spending today for EMR and billing.

We invite you to:

  • Stop wasting time on weekly billing meetings.
  • Stop treating for free.
  • And stop overpaying for EMR and billing.

Click the link below to quickly see, in greater detail, how Systems 4PT can maximize your reimbursements.

How to Maximize Reimbursements

Treat More, Type Less

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