Two Factors That Mean You Should Outsource Billing

Why do the best and brightest business leaders outsource everything possible?

The answer, Outsourcing is a very good idea when these two factors exist:

  • You find a business partner who can prove that their capabilities (their ability to maximize collections) are higher than yours. This may be in the form of technology, proprietary workflows, or staff experience and tenure. Note that this superior performance must be proven.
  • This same business partner has the ability to deliver these superior results at a lower cost than you can match.

When points one and two exist, there is an opportunity for you to both increase collections and lower costs.

Applying this to billing & collections:

Systems 4PT increases collections an average 9.6% (we measure before and after with each installation). The following video demonstrates the proprietary technology Systems 4PT uses Click Here: (this video shows exactly how we collect more than anyone in outpatient rehab).

More proof: In the past seven years, Systems4PT’s average collections per claim have increased as our new technologies have been added. (Note the collections per claim graph in the video.)

And Systems 4PT provides industry-leading collections for 33% less than you pay for EMR and billing today.

COVID-19 heightens the urgency

Because patient volume is down 50%, there has never been a more urgent time to increase collections. At the same time, because you have fewer active patients, there’s never been an easier time to change billing systems.

Meaningfully higher collections at 1/3 lower cost vs what you spend today.

Watch our Billing technology video with this link

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