Therapists, Who’s Restoring YOUR Quality of Life?

You work long hours to help your patients enjoy their lives again.

You deserve to enjoy your life, too.

Take back your nights and weekends because “time off” is still work when you’re catching up on paperwork and billing instead of relaxing and recharging.  Your patients benefit most when you’re at the top of your game.  So do your loved ones. Balance is just as important for the provider as it is for the patient.

With Systems 4PT, with most daily notes, when the visit is done, so is your note. 

And when the workday is done, your time is your own.

We’ve harnessed the power of the computer, compiling and providing over 1200 patient-specific automated words based on your clinical input and your patient’s input, which allows you to spend more time treating and less time typing.

A Systems 4PT Medicare-compliant evaluation is FAST.

Complete your evals in HALF the time that you currently spend.

Compliance is also built into our easy to follow workflows. Systems 4PT technology computes hundreds of millions of potential scenarios to assess and defend patient complexity, and computes millions of potential scenarios to recommend compliant MIPS coding and the required 300-500 words of defensive documentation. Our daily notes have been updated to comply with the CMS 2019 final rule discussing reduction of documentation for daily visits, and Systems 4PT practices average a 94-point trending MIPS score with a 20-second MIPS workflow that’s provided at no charge

Choose time for your family and friends.  Choose time for yourself.  Choose Systems 4PT.

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that will allow you to take back your nights and weekends.

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